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Our Team

Luke Livingston


Luke has 10+ years of entrepreneurship, media, marketing and culture experience; 13 years of B2B sales; 18 years of eCommerce and a Forbes “30 Under 30” award under his belt.

Whit Richardson


Whit is an award-winning business journalist and corporate communications specialist. He believes every business has a story to tell, but sometimes needs an objective eye to tease it out. 

Jacob Eslinger


Jacob is hospitality-focused with sales and marketing experience from local and national brands. The proverbial “Jake-of-all- trades”, he has a passion for finding the “why” in every organization and building a strong company culture.

Our Capabilities

What is Brickyard?

Brickyard Collective is a DTC product lab and sales consultancy. We enjoy working with entrepreneurs, inventors, small business owners, and tinkerers to bring direct-to-consumer products to market and drive sales growth.

We know you can’t do it all, so we aim to fill the gaps with custom services that fit our partners’ needs, be it brand development, point-of-purchase design, PPC advertising, e-commerce strategy, or a long-term engagement from product development to carrying out a go-to-market strategy.

We know bringing a product to market is expensive and early sales are paramount; we often work on commission so that we win when you win. 

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